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    SAN FILI more info

    Culture, legends, and history about San Fili. more info

    IL CAMMINO DI SAN FRANCESCO DI PAOLA (trekking) more info

    An unforgettable experience among enchanted woods, ancient villages, dreamlike views! Two itineraries that follow the steps of the Calabrian saint and link together some of the places that still preserve the essence of the life and preaching of Francis: "La via del giovane" and "La via dell'eremita" (on this video) from Paterno Calabro to the Shrine of San Francis of Paola passing through the two intermediate stages of Cerisano and San Fili.

    COSENZA more info

    - Cathedral of Cosenza (eleventh century AD) UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011; more info

    - The MAB(Open Air Museum Bilotti) are exposed along Corso Mazzini, you can see works of various artists such as Salvador Dali and Giorgio de Chirico; more info

    - The National Gallery of Cosenza is a venue in the Palazzo Arnone, where an exhibition of works by Mattia Preti and other artists of the time; more info

    - Museum of Brettii and Enotri. more info


    Recreational activities in the Sila National Park as Hiking, Cross-country, and downhill skiing, hiking in mountain bikes, etc... more info


    Rafting and other activities on river Lao more info


    Shrine of San Francesco di Paola. more info


    - Consentia Itinera; approfondisci

    - Il Cammino di San Francesco di Paola; approfondisci

    - ViaggiArt - Cultura e Turismo. approfondisci

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