• Breakfast on your own.

• The bedroom and bathroom are cleaned daily. The schedule of cleaning expected in the range from 09:00 am to 12:00 pm Please have your personal belongings in order to allow such cleaning.

• Changing bed linen is provided on arrival and every three days stay for sheets and every day for towels.

• Check-out: the day of your departure the room must be vacated by 10:30 a.m. to allow for cleaning and room preparation for the next guests.

• Damages made ​​to the B&B, after ascertaining responsibility, must be paid by the guest in accordance with the manager of the B&B.

• For security reasons, it’s not allowed to bring other people in the house who aren’t those of the room reservation.

• Please, whenever you leave the house, close windows, your door’s room and the entrance door for you and other guests privacy and security who stay at the B&B.

• It’s strictly forbidden to throw absorbents, tampons and wet wipes in the toilet. Please use the specific bag, and put it in the bin.

• In case of lost keys will be charged the amount of € 50.00 .

• The guests will have to take care of their own property, the manager accepts no responsibility for any theft or damage.

• For respect guests relaxation, please don’t talk with a loud voice, to make strong noises and keep the high volume on your audio-video components.

• Pets are not allowed.

• No Smoking in any area of B&B

Thank you for choosing the structure and wish you a peaceful and happy stay.